Immersive X 2021 – Community, Connection & Co-Creation in the Metaverse

… OR as I call it: How to make friends in the metaverse? With Facebook launching their version of the metaverse just a few days ago, I couldn’t have asked vm-people for a better timing for the Immersive X conference in early November 2021 and for having me curating the community track and hosting a […]

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Marke in Beziehung denken | Best Practice: Das We Care Paket von Ricola

Als Gastdozentin an der International School of Management darf ich dieses Semester mit den Studierenden des Tourismus-, Event- sowie des Fashionmanagements Konzepte, Strategien Geschäftsmodelle, Best Practice Beispiele &  Agendasetter im Bereich Branded Environments untersuchen. Vor dem Hintergrund neuer Bedarfe, neuer Customer Journeys, neuer Akteure und strukturellen internen wie externen Herausforderungen untersuchen wir Handlungsmöglichkeiten in Gegenwart […]

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The Art of Hosting – #nxhospitality

In a world full of meetings, networks, networking events, workshops, messages, facebooks: why gather? And if so, how to make it worthwhile for you and your guests? As an advisor, incubator and business partner I often find myself introduced to a clients need to connect deeper or to create a transformative experience. What is your […]

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